Curriculum Vitae, Thomas J. White, Ph.D.


Regents’ Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, 2012 – 2013
Consultant, Quest Diagnostics, Maverix Biomics, Ancera, 2011 – Present
Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice President of R & D, Celera Corporation, 2000 – 2011
Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Roche Molecular Systems, 1998 – 2000
Vice President, Research & Development, Roche Molecular Systems, 1991 – 1998
Senior Director, Roche Molecular Systems, 1989 – 1991
Vice President of Research, Associate Director, Research and Development, Cetus Corporation, 1984 – 1989
Director of Molecular and Biological Research, Associate Director, Research and Development, Cetus Corporation, 1981 – 1984
Scientist; Project Leader, Cetus Corporation, 1978 –1980


Postdoctoral Fellow with Julian E. Davies, Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1977 – 1978
Postdoctoral Fellow with Nicholas Petrakis, G. W. Hooper Foundation, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, 1976
Ph.D., Biochemistry with Allan C. Wilson, Department of Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 1976
Special Student, Research Technician with Paul S. Lietman, Department of Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1972 –1973
Peace Corps Volunteer, Liberia, 1968 –1971
B.A., Chemistry with William F. Harrington and Brown L. Murr, Departments of Biology and Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University, 1967


Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), Geneva: Advisory Board, 2014 – Present
University of California Press Foundation: Trustee, 2013 – Present
National Academy of Sciences (Institute of Medicine): “Economics of Genomic Medicine” panelist, 2012
College of Natural Resources (UC Berkeley): Advisory Board, 2012 – Present
Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, Stanford); Advisory Board, 2008 – 09
SAGE (Student Achievement Guided by Experience) Scholars Program at UCB: Advisory Board, 2008 – Present
Human Rights Center (UC Berkeley): Advisory Board, 2006 – Present
Wellcome Trust:  Genomics and Diagnostics in Developing Countries, 2003
National Human Genome Research Institute:  Haplotype Map Program Review, 2002
Pasteur Institute: Co-organizer of Conference on HIV Evolution and Sequence Diversity, 2001
Infectious Disease Society of America:  Co-organizer of conference on Impact of Rapid Diagnostics on Clinical Management, 2001
University of Washington: Co-organizer of Conference on HIV Evolution and Viral Dynamics, 2000
AIDS Healthcare Foundation: Caregiver Award for research and contribution to the field of HIV/AIDS treatment, 1999
Center for Disease Control: Co-organizer of Conference on HIV Evolution and Viral Dynamics, 1999
Berkeley Biotechnology Education Institute:  Board Member, 1999 – 2003
Children’s Hospital of Oakland: Capital Campaign, 1998 – 2002
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Organizer of Conference on HIV Sequence Diversity, 1998
National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID): HIV Review Panel, 1997
Hoover Institution at Stanford University: Intellectual Capital Panel, 1997
National Science Foundation Advisory Committee:  Puerto Rico Science & Technology Council, 1996
Rutgers University: Organizer of Conference on HIV Sequence Diversity & Statistical Methods, 1995
AAAS/Human Genome Initiative: Ethical, Legal & Social Issues Task Force, 1995
San Francisco State University:  Advisory Board to the College of Science and Engineering, 1994 – 1997
NIH/Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics at USC: Genetic Testing and Insurance, 1993 – 1996
NIAID Review Panel: HIV Sequence Diversity, 1993
Centers for Disease Control: Organizer of Conference on HIV Sequence Diversity, 1993 – 1995
AAAS: Genetic Testing and Intellectual Property, 1993 – 1995
NIH/Office of Research Integrity: Genetic Analysis of Archival HIV Samples, 1991 –1992
Banbury Center/Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Intellectual Property and Genetics, 1991
Department of Energy Review Panel: Evaluation of Biology Programs at DOE National Laboratories, 1989
Department of Defense: Impact of Biotechnology on Defense, 1988


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