The Leslie Scalapino – O Books Fund

Ashbery Home School: The Leslie Scalapino Scholarship
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Ashbery Home School Summer 2015

Reed College: The Leslie Scalapino Scholarship
3203 Southeast Woodstock Blvd; Portland, OR 97202
To be awarded to a Reed student with financial need. Awardees in any given year represent a wide variety of majors and both genders equally.

Mills College: The Leslie Scalapino Fellowship in Poetry
5000 MacArthur Blvd; Oakland, CA 94613
To be awarded to a student with financial need. Priority shall be given to graduate students pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry.

California College of the Arts: The Leslie Scalapino Scholarship
5212 Broadway; Oakland, CA 94618
To be awarded to students working in poetry in the CCA Graduate Writing program on a combination of merit and financial need.

Naropa University: The Leslie Scalapino Award
2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302
To support students with financial need who are enrolled at Naropa University in either the MFA Writing and Poetics Program or MFA Creative Writing Program and attending the Summer Writing Program. Recipients should have a body of work in the field of experimental postmodern women’s poetry and poetics.


For further information on these endowments, please contact each academic institution.