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Neo-Benshi SPT
January 2006

How Phenomena Appear to Unfold / The Hind, part 1 of 11
Poets’ Theater Jubiliee (directed by Zak)
January 2002

Leslie Scalapino performing New Time
Zen Center, San Francisco, CA
April 4, 1998
A collabration with June Watanabe

Leslie Scalapino reading at Bard College

Leslie Scalapino, Text: “As: All Occurrence in Structure, Unseen (-Deer Night)” from The Public World/Syntactically Impermanence (Wesleyan, 1999)
Cecilia Dougherty: Video

Goya’s L.A.
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA
February 26, 1995

Leslie Scalapino, Text
Carla Harryman, Director
Amy Tratchenberg , Artistic Director
Larry Ochs, Musician/Composer
Mikio Hirata, Michelle Rollman, Rebecca Levi, Pamela Norris, Actors

Sarah Dougher’s adaptation of Leslie Scalapino’s Fin de Siècle
October 2012

Fin de Siècle is Portland composer Sarah Dougher’s musical interpretation of renowned American poet Leslie Scalapino’s 1990 set of three experimental poem-plays by the same name. Scalapino’s Fin de Siècle is an abstract narrative invoking war, labor, class struggle, and the fundamental interiority of experience—a visionary manifestation of the poet’s passionate humanism. Dougher’s piece weds voice with an ensemble of piano, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone and percussion, overlaying the composition with video projection. Structured as a set of emotive, melodic songs, Dougher’s work echoes Scalapino’s hybrid practice, inhabiting a musical space between art song and pop. The work embraces Scalapino’s challenging use of language through a richly textured score, which takes cues from minimalism as much as from pop melody. Fin de Siècle is an ambitious synthesis of Dougher’s celebrated folk-rock solo music and choral compositions.

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Press release

Reed Memorial Reading and Exhibition in Honor of Leslie Scalapino, Pt. I
Eliot Hall Chapel, Reed College
February 12, 2011

Reed Memorial Reading and Exhibition in Honor of Leslie Scalapino, Pt. II

2011 Reed College Memorial Program

Flow – Winged Crocodile / The Trains
Oberlin Dance Collective
San Francisco, CA
December 21, 2010

Leslie Scalapino, Noh play
Fiona Templeton, Direction
Joan Jeanrenaud, Music: “Strange Toys”
Molissa Fenley, Choreography and Guest Dancer
John Jesurun, Video

Leslie Scalapino Memorial Reading
The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York
June 21, 2010

Speakers and presentations, in order of appearance:

Beginning slide projection by Konrad Steiner
Stacy Szymaszek
audio recording of Leslie Scalapino reading excerpt from It’s go in/quiet illumined grass/land
E. Tracy Grinnell
Charles Bernstein
Susan Howe
Simone Fattal
James Sherry
Laura Elrick
Pierre Joris
Brenda Iijima
Fiona Templeton & The Relationship
Stacy Szymaszek
Judith Goldman
Ann Lauterbach
Susan Bee
Rachel Levitsky
Rodrigo Toscano
Sue Landers
Paolo Javier
Steve Clay
Joan Retallack
Tom White
video of Leslie Scalapino reading from The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom by Konrad Steiner
Stacy Szymaszek
The Animal in the World Like Water Like Water
Leslie’s signature

“Leslie” video by Cecilia Dougherty
Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY; 1998.
Under license from Creative Commons (Do Not Copy).
This video is available as a DVD from the Video Data Bank as part of “The Writers Series” by Cecilia Dougherty, which includes videos of Laurie Weeks, Eileen Myles, Kevin Killian and Cedar Sigo.

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Leslie Scalapino Memorial Reading
December 3, 2010

with Lyn Hejinian, Simone Fattal, Michael McClure, Norma Cole, Laura Moriarty, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Joanne Kyger, Konrad Steiner, E. Tracy Grinnell, Judith Goldman, Norman Fischer, Alicia Cohen, Rae Armantrout, Stephen Ratcliffe, Michael Cross, M. Mara-Ann, & Bob Grenier
Location: Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall; University of California, Berkeley

Leslie Scalapino’s Final Reading
Small Press Traffic, San Francisco
March 20, 2010

Floats-Horse, part 1
February 14, 2010

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